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Maud Le Pladec



Le Toboggan, Décines


Ballet Lorraine 625x230

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Maud Le Pladec

If the music is imposing, if it literally lays down the law, then what choice does dance have? Follow the rhythm or attempt insurrection? In DEMOCRACY, Maud Le Pladec puts the body at the heart of the political debate for a dance “in the public interest.”

With four drummers and five dancers, Maud Le Pladec continues her work on the confrontation of music and dance. A hard-hitting confrontation that lives up to the two musical pieces: Dark Full Ride, by the American, Julia Wolfe, a pulsating composition that she compares to “a shout, an invitation to experience the unstable nature of the collective, social or political body and the contradictory forces that drive it.” The next score is by the Italian, Francesco Filidei, with the idea of bringing together two aesthetics: American post-minimalism and the European contemporary music scene. That covers the form of the work.
But DEMOCRACY goes beyond form because the stakes are in fact political. The title is not without implications, in direct reference to the ideas of philosopher Miguel Abensour in Pour une philosophie politique critique (2009). Maud Le Pladec seizes this opportunity to spotlight “the difference between the legal-political system and what we commonly call democracy, as opposed to Demos, which is a process of individualisation, an experience of the subjective. That’s what interests me. I wanted to question the balance of power between music and the group, or community. By asking what it means to be together, I wanted to ask how we revolt against authority. At what point does it become illegal? What does it mean to go against the public interest?”
So what is the connection between these questions of a political nature and the confrontation between dance and music? The choreographer sees a direct relationship: “The music is very strong, even stronger than the bodies. It’s imposing; it is the seat of power and lays down the law. How do we react? Is energy synonymous with freedom?” On stage, five dancers and four percussionists will ask the question: who leads the dance?

Le Toboggan, Décines

Dates et horaires

  • Fri 19 Sep21:30
  • Sat 20 Sep21:30
  • Durée : 50 min environ


  • Plein tarif 20€
  • Tarif réduit 17€


  • CatégorieB
  • Dans l'abonnement Maison de la Danse

Piece for 5 dancers and 4 musiciens — 2013 — Run time 50 min

Chorégraphe : Maud Le Pladec

Danseurs : Nicolas Diguet ou Julien Gallée Ferré, Maria Ferreira Silva, Corinne Garcia, Mélanie Giffard, Simon Tanguy — Musique : Ensemble TaCTuS (YingYu Chang, Paul Changarnier, Quentin Dubois, Pierre Olympieff) — Création lumières : Sylvie Mélis — Création costumes : Alexandra Bertaut — Assistant musical : Gaël Desbois — Documentation : Youness Anzane — Régie générale : Fabrice Le Fur — Assistant création lumières et régie lumières : Nicolas Marc — Régie son : Vincent Le Meur — Création des décors : Vincent Gadras

Accueil : Le Toboggan / Décines, Biennale de la danse

Production Léda. Coproduction Théâtre National de Bretagne / Mettre en Scène 2013 - Rennes, Les Subsistances - Lyon, Maison de la Danse / Biennale de la danse de Lyon dans le cadre de modul-dance / programme Culture de l’Union Européenne, Théâtre Paul Éluard-tpe Scène conventionnée de Bezons dans le cadre de la permanence artistique de la Région Île-de-France, Tanzquartier Wien, CCN de Caen Basse-Normandie (Accueil Studio, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication), CCN de Franche-Comté à Belfort (Accueil Studio, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication - DRAC Franche-Comté), CDC Paris Réseau (Atelier de Paris - Carolyn Carlson, L’Étoile du nord, micadanses - ADDP, studio Le Regard du Cygne - AMD XXe). Avec le soutien de modul-dance / programme Culture de l’Union Européenne, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication / DRAC Bretagne, Région Bretagne, Ville de Rennes, Spedidam, Adami. Avec l’aide à la production et à la diffusion d’Arcadi. Maud Le Pladec a été lauréate du programme « Hors les Murs » de l’Institut français en 2013 pour une recherche autour du collectif de musique contemporaine Bang on a can.

Présenté avec le soutien de modul-dance et de la Maison de la Danse

Photo © Konstantin Lipatov - Portrait © Roberto Frankenberg

To be explored



Performative dances: deframed French choreographies, 1990-2010.

Café Danse - CCI, Palais du Commerce
Wed 17, 4 pm - Free Entry

Jan Fabre

Jan Fabre is Laurent Goumarre’s special guest for a conversation that’s open to the public. 

Théâtre Les Ateliers
Sat 20, 2pm - Free entry


Performance: a history in commentary and images. This lecture, open to all, offers a journey through the history of performance with video excerpts enriched by commentaries. 

Café Danse - CCI, Palais du Commerce
Fri 19, 6pm - Free entry


Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present by Matthew Akers. A retrospective of her work which will be the opportunity for Abramović to answer the  question she is constantly asked: how is this art?

Cinéma Le Comoedia
Sun 21, 11.15am – Single price: €4.80


An event around the DVD Anna Halprin, Danser sa vie,  just released in France. An invitation to discover the career of this wonderful dancer through a historical presentation, screenings, and an exploration of the body. 

Théâtre Les Ateliers
Sat 27, 5.30pm - Free entry

Frigo Group

Performance art was one of the forms of artistic action produced by the Frigo group in Lyon in the 1980s. The Biennale has invited the players in that adventure to comment on a screening of their major performances of the time. 

Café Danse - CCI, Palais du Commerce
Sat 13 at 2pm

To be experienced


Ambra Senatore

Asta, an auction
Performance: Ambra holds an auction of everyday acts. The winning bidder will have their purchase performed at their home by Ambra Senatore.

Café Danse - CCI, Palais du Commerce
Thu 18, 12.30-2.30pm

Free entry 


Les Thermes

France Distraction - Living installation

A swimming pool filled with 25,000 black balls. On each ball, inscriptions borrowed from the Stoics. All you need to do is dive in, for a perfectly
literal immersion in a “big bath of morality”. A philosophical yet highly entertaining experience.

Café Danse - Palais du commerce
Wed 10, 17 and 24 and Sat 13 and 27, 1-5pm

Free entry, unlimited experimentation (subject to space)

Sat 20 at 2.30pm, 4pm and 5.30pm
Experiment assisted by Julien Fournet and Alice Popieul.

Free entry, booking required at ticket office

Thu 18 and Fri 19
Assisted experimentation, for schools only (booking required)